Pop Painting: Inspiration & Painting Techniques from Camilla d'Errico


Explore Camilla's methods and studio setup as she pulls back the curtain and gives readers a front-row seat to her painting techniques in this visually stunning step-by-step painting guide. In this followup to Camilla's best-selling How To Draw book, "Pop Manga", she will cover a variety of topics. From starting concepts to finished pieces, she explains painting techniques, imparts tips & tricks, and discusses breaking into the industry in more detail than ever before. Gain insight into the inception of the Pop Surrealism movement from one of its leading figureheads. This book is perfect for aspiring artists, to students to experienced artists. Art enthusiasts and those curious about new media and Pop Surrealist painting techniques can enjoy this how to guide to Pop Surrealist painting.

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-Forward by Greg "Craola" Simkins
-248 Pages, Full Color
-Published by Watson-Guptill and Random House Books
-English Language text
-Ships from the USA
-Not eligible for international combined shipment with prints. Please anticipate a separate shipping invoice for combined orders placed.
-This book DOES NOT contain nudity or mature themes