Minerva Print


"Minerva" is a painting I created for my Submerged solo exhibition collection at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Italy. She was actually my first time creating a portrait of a girl in all monochrome! This was an interesting challenge I set for myself, and meant I needed to put extra focus on my blending and lighting. At first I imagined her as an all black&white painting, but when it came to the butterflies- I couldn't help myself! I love color! And I know you'll love Minerva in your collection, too.

Minerva prints start in 8x10" Lasal Paper size from $25. You can choose the size, paper type & whether you'd like it signed or unsigned in the dropdown box. Fun options for ya! So you can decide if you want your new print sent to me for signing first for an extra fee, since I live in Vancouver Canada and it will cost a tad extra to have it come to me first to sign before heading to you, my lovely! My prints are standard sizes, so they're easy to frame, and handmade & hand-cut with love!

-Customize your paper type and signature option
-Lasal paper is a medium stock (230gsm) paper from the Moab family. It's a beautiful white paper with a smooth texture.
-Entrada paper is a heavy stock (300gsm) fine art paper from the Moab family. It's a lovely, lightly textured paper with archival qualities.
-The process will be up to 2-weeks for production
-Signed print options go to Vancouver, Canada, for hand-signing before shipping home to you. Thank you for your patience with this signed option, but I promise it'll be worth it to have my john hancock on there!