Meenie Miny & Mo Prints


Don't you wish you could have a rainbow tiger? I sure do, so I painted "Meenie Miny & Mo" as part of my Niji Bambini exhibition at Cotton Candy Machine Gallery. Can you tell what the title is a reference to? I'll give you a hint- Eenie, meenie... what comes next? Miny and Mo! Catch a tiger by the toe! Now you can catch a print of Meenie Miny & Mo for your collection too.

You have 2 Paper options!

-Lasal paper is bright white smooth paper with a medium thickness (230gsm)

-Entrada paper is a thick lightly textured fine art cotton paper (300gsm). This is a beautiful upgrade from a print to a fine art print!

-Signed prints are made in Vancouver, Canada, and take 2 weeks production time due to shipping internationally. I promise it'll be worth it to have my personal signature!

*Custom Print orders are not eligible for cancellation once printed