Foxy Lady Print


This is a painting I titled "Foxy Lady", and her and I have spent many hours together! When it comes to painting rainbow fur, I have a hard time calling it quits- "Just a little more here, and here, and here" I tell myself. And before I know it, I've painted night after night away, listening to a great audio book or two. Foxy Lady is an example of a painting I polished stroke by stroke, to make this the fluffiest, most rainbow fox it could be!

Foxy Lady prints start in 12x12" Lasal Paper size from $30. You can choose the size, paper type & whether you'd like it signed or unsigned in the dropdown box. Fun options for ya! So you can decide if you want your new print sent to me for signing first for an extra fee, since I live in Vancouver Canada and it will cost a tad extra to have it come to me first to sign before heading to you, my lovely! My prints are standard sizes, so they're easy to frame, and handmade & hand-cut with love!

-You can customize your paper type and signature option.
-I have TWO paper options:
-Lasal paper is bright white with no texture. Its smooth paper with a medium thickness (230gsm)
-Entrada paper is a beautiful thick fine art paper (300gsm). It's a lightly textured luxurious paper made from cotton. This is a beautiful upgrade from a print to a fine art print!
-Please anticipate 2 weeks for production for unsigned prints
-Signed prints are made in Vancouver, Canada, and take production time due to shipping internationally. Thank you for your patience with this signed option, but I promise it'll be worth it to have my personal signature!
-Custom Print orders are not eligible for cancellation once printed