Albinow Rhinow Prints


I painted "Albinow Rhinow" for Heavy Metal Magazine's Anniversary show at Copro Nason Gallery 2017! I grew up with Heavy Metal Magazine as a source of inspiration for amazing fantasy art, so it was such an honor to get to contribute to a show like that. And to inject some rainbow goodness into the mix! Rhinos are kind of like nature's unicorns if you think about it! Now you can bring some rhino fabulousness to your collection with a new print!

You have 2 Paper options!

-Lasal paper is bright white smooth paper with a medium thickness (230gsm)

-Entrada paper is a thick lightly textured fine art cotton paper (300gsm). This is a beautiful upgrade from a print to a fine art print!

-Signed prints are made in Vancouver, Canada, and take 2 weeks production time due to shipping internationally. I promise it'll be worth it to have my personal signature!

*Custom Print orders are not eligible for cancellation once printed